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Thanksgiving 2020 and the COVID Year

This farm has truly morphed into its own character. When we decided to launch this farm as an equestrian B&B and Urban farm we certainly did not know it would take on its own personality.

It did. From the people we see daily, weekly, and monthly to the animals we take in and rescue, it seems everyone is a little weary and everyone could use a break. Animals to people this farm has become a cozy little haven to stop, breathe in the tropical flowers, and recharge.

Clients and Guests have become like friends and friends have become like family. While we all have our own path, it seems everyone who has been here becomes part of something special, something a little bigger than ourselves. For a moment in time we are connected to nature, the animals, etc...

We celebrated Thanksgiving last week, and I must say it was the most peculiar thanksgiving since I have owned the place, yet in a way, I feel the animals, the farm, and this place protected us and brought comfort and warmth to an otherwise cold and uninviting time this year.

I hope everyone near and dear to us took some comfort in this special place this year!

Stay safe. We love you all.

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