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Well, it's eight months into this covid-19 thing and we are struggling. Being a small non-profit is tough. We have a difficult time getting donations in as it is, and during these difficult times, it has been even harder.

We are currently just trying to raise enough money to feed and care for the animals. We have put off any other plans until after covid.

It costs thousands to take care of the animals, provide them with quality feed, farrier, and vet care, and currently, we are really suffering.

We are not big enough to receive any help from the state so we are truly dependent on struggling through and donations.

Please if you have been here and have witnessed for yourself what we do, think about donating monthly to help us and the animals. We cannot help more animals without donations. We struggled to stay open and continue to take animals even when larger rescues and centers shut down and stopped taking animals. We are family run and my kids take care of and love all these animals. It is truly family run, operated, and loved.

We work night and day with a small group of volunteers to keep open!

Please Help us to stay alive during these horrific times.

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