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Behind the Gates: A Day in the life of this farm girl

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Its seven am and the coffee is brewing, I revel in the quiet on the farm, its never like this. There is always someone banging around, the dogs making a ruckus, the cats meowing for something but at this moment when everyone is still sleeping or tired it's totally quiet. Get down to the barn and just stand there, smelling the distinct smell of horses and immersing myself in it... I love this smell. I love the sounds of the horses as they neigh and Winny for their breakfast... Not to mention the six. Yes, I said six.... foster kittens that my daughter is raising. I take a moment while feeding them to think about who my daughter has become and why, what this farm has given her, all the things she has learned, and experienced that have made her who she is. A strong-willed, smart, and big-hearted person, and I thank god for my life in that moment.

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